Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Elite advocate 85%+ depopulation

http://www.bilderberg.org/2006.htm#8519Jun06 - Jocelan Caldwell - Bilderberg.org exclusiveBilderberg lords want rid of 85% of worlds populationWhat would you think if all of the North-American sports team owners, for instance, met secretly every year where no media were allowed in or to interview any of the participants, where there were armed guards at all the doors and when they exited that meeting, the individuals hid their faces so as not to get photographed and refused to talk to reporters? What would the reaction be? Sports fans - and most everyone else - would be furious! We would wonder what kind of deals were they hatching, what were they plotting and planning that they didn't want the rest of us to know?Sounds pretty weird, eh? But did you know that recently at a 5-star hotel in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, more than 100 of the world's most wealthy and powerful individuals - called the Bilderbergers or the Illuminati or Synarchists - (and confirmed as including Hilary Clinton, George H.W. Bush, David Rockefeller, Gov. George Pataki of New York, the President of the Federal Reserve Bank, Henry Kissinger and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, whose family owns Royal Dutch Shell Oil) got together under just such circumstances to discuss the future of not baseball but the world as the rich and powerful want it to look like. At the end of their meeting they covered their faces, ashamed, as they sneaked out to their limousines to the airport.On Wednesday, June 14th on the nightly "Coast to Coast" radio program from Los Angeles, host George Noory interviewed three men who have been long aware of the Bilderbergers but up until the past few years have been laughed at and dismissed as conspiracy theorists and worse - Jim Mars of Texas, author of "Rule by Secrecy"; Daniel Esheron, author of "The True History of the Bilderberger Club" and Alex Jones author of "Martial Law 911".They discussed the One World Order the Bilderbergers have been planning for all the rest of us, to include the Canamex Highway which would run straight from Mexico, through the U.S.A. up to Canada with no border inspections; transponders for taxation purposes to be placed in all new automobiles (which has already come up for discussion in the Texas legislature); the U.S.'s future of undefended borders which started only recently when the government backed down on a plan to spend $60 million to update all U.S. ports; a future where the Bilderbergers will appoint all world leaders and return to feudalism and a plan to reduce the world population by 80-90 percent, to name just a few.How, you may ask, can a group of only about 300 individuals get control over the rest of us? One way is by placing microchips in individuals (recently done by the President of a large American bank to "allow him access to secret vaults and store rooms in his bank"), the International Monetary Fund's Wolfowitz who will control the World Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank, all European banks, the Secretary General of NATO and therefore NATO itself; it includes the Tri-Lateral Commission's plan, already in process, of NAFTA, the Euro Group and to include a group of Asian countries.Their plans, over the years, have already been witnessed - World War II, the Korean War, starvation of nations, Viet Nam, and the fact that virtually nothing is being done for the Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans. More sources:World Depopulation is top NSA agenda: Club of Romehttp://home.iae.nl/users/lightnet/world/depopulation.htm(Signed-off by Henry Kissenger in 1975)Confronting The 21st Century's Hidden Crisis: Reducing Human Numbers by 80%http://www.npg.org/forum_series/confronting.htmTop Scientist Advocates Mass Culling 90% Of Human Populationhttp://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/april...massculling.htm Professor's "Kill 90% of Population" Comments Echo UN, Elite NGO policieshttp://prisonplanet.com/articles/april2006...epopulation.htm

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